1st Class Painting, Inc.

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105 Cutliff lane Anderson, SC 29625

Trustworthy -  If we say we will do it, we will. The job will be done in time, to the highest standard and with minimal inconvenience!  

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1st Class Painting, Inc

1st Class Painting, Inc. is located in Sandy Springs, Anderson, South Carolina. Our office employs competent support staff in administration, operations, estimating, project management and customer service. A large paint and supplies store adjoins the office building providing in-house painting supplies and equipment for our customers. Please stop by to visit us anytime Monday through Friday, 8:30 A.M to 4:30 P.M.

- Air Scrubbers for work
​   in occupied spaces

- Caulking

- Ceiling Painting
- Chemical Stripping
- Color Coding
- Corrosion Resistant Coatings

- Drywall Repair
- Epoxy Floors & Coatings
- High Performance Coatings
- Maintenance Painting
- Manufacturing Equipment Painting
- Multicolor Systems
- Power Washing 
- Restorations and Repairs
- Scaffolding / Lift Work
- Wall covering & Wallpaper
- Waterproofing

1st Class Painting, Inc. has been around  since 1997. It started as a one-man operation, with Jeff Cutliff handling everything from remodels and residential repaints to drywall, carpentry and ceramic tile work. Employees were added as the amount of work increased. Jeff's business philosophy, in one sentence, is "Doing right by your customers and your employees pays off in the long run." This positive attitude has been rewarded. Today 1st Class Painting, Inc. employs more than 10 painters and proudly serves the Upstate area. It has developed long-lasting relationships with well-known institutions throughout the region. Some of our most prominent clients are Clemson University, Wallgreens, and Fluor.   

Let us make your  project a "1st Class" Project

Excellent -  We follow OSHA procedures for adherence, conduct and environmental compliance. We perform drug screening for our employees and have excellent records on the jobsite.   

Certified -  We are a licensed general contractor, certified by the PDCA and EPA. We maintain extensive liability and workers' compensation programs with major carriers. Everybody is safe with us!